Who Needs Compounding Medicine?

Commercially available drugs might not always be the best choice for everyone. Thanks to compounding pharmacies, your prescription can be altered to better meet your needs. Our knowledgeable staff will go over your options with you, taking into account any allergies and other delivery options. They are also sworn to secrecy. Learn more about compound medications and the top 4 benefits you might receive from them.

In essence, a compounded medication is your prescription drug in a form that has been specially formulated for you. A certified pharmacist will adjust the drug when a commercial preparation is not available. You might profit from using a compound pharmacy for a few reasons. For one or more of the following conditions, you might require complex medication.

Changing the dosage

Enormous pharmaceutical businesses generate several drugs in large quantities. These are frequently administered in regulated doses and quantities that match the more typical prescription dosages. Your compounding pharmacy can modify the dosage to the proper amount when your doctor prescribes a drug that isn’t offered in a standard dosage.

For instance, a pharmacist can alter a medication if you only need 10 mg of a substance that is only sold in 30 mg doses. Since you won’t have to pay for a bigger dosage than you require, doing this can really result in financial savings.

In order to eliminate a non-essential element that you are allergic to

Going to a compounding pharmacy may also be advantageous for you because the pharmacist can take out substances to which you are allergic. Many medicines contain substances including lactose, gluten, and colors. It’s possible that you aren’t even aware of all the components in your prescription, so telling the pharmacist about all of your sensitivities can be useful. So that you can continue to benefit from taking your prescription without experiencing unfavorable allergic responses, your neighborhood pharmacy can reformulate the pill without your specific allergen.

To change the prescription form

In certain circumstances, you might need a different version of your prescription. You can experience stomach discomfort after taking tablets, or you might find it difficult to swallow due to a swollen throat. One advantage of a compounding pharmacy is that they have the ability to completely alter the form of the medication, whatever the reason for the demand for a substitute. Examples of the many different forms that drugs can take include pills, drops, powders, liquids, troches, and ointments.

To make medicine flavors more palatable

If the medicine tastes awful, your child or pet can refuse to take it. Fortunately, your neighborhood pharmacist might be able to flavor it to make it taste better. Many times, this determines whether or not your child or pet will take the prescribed prescription. You could have trouble with the taste of some medications when you’re already feeling under the weather. Being able to swallow the medication can significantly improve when your neighborhood pharmacist adds a flavor to make it more appealing.

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