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Should You Bird Proof Your Solar Panels?

Are you experiencing issues with pesky birds, pigeons in particular nesting under your solar panels and dirtying your panels? Are you toying with the idea of bird proofing your solar panels but wondering if it is a necessary investment? Well, you are not alone; many householders across Australia who install solar panels are faced with a similar predicament.

There is the option of a low-cost DIY solution, but the problem only gets rid of the current flock of birds and as soon as you get rid of them and have your solar panels cleaned, another flock of birds move in. If you are tired of this cycle and are thinking of a more permanent solution to bird proofing your solar panels, you should consider talking to a professional company that has experience in providing bird deterrents. There are many to choose from that can suit your budget.

The first hurdle though is to convince yourself that you need professional help with your bird problem and that the money and time you will be investing in a form of bird deterrent makes money sense. Let’s go over some of the reasons why bird proofing your solar panels might be a good idea.

If not attended to, over time, bird droppings, dead birds, feathers and bird activity can damage the wiring and cause issues to the workings of the panels. Given the considerable investment made to have the solar panels installed, spending money to ensure the panels perform at their best would be prudent.

Installing a bird deterrent also minimises the number of times the panels need to be cleaned in a year. They usually only need a good clear a couple of times a year, however, if you have birds roosting on your panels the number of maintenance visits will likely double.    

Solar panels are sturdy and come with warranties that extend beyond 10 years. However, did you know that a buildup of bird droppings can corrode your solar panel if left uncleaned for long periods? The corrosion adds to the wear and tear of solar panels a lot faster and can permanently damage the panels which will require replacement.

Pest birds, pigeons in particular carry pathogens that can make inhabitants of the house ill. Bird droppings, feathers and dead birds disintegrate over time, find their way inside the home through crevices, and float around in the garden posing a serious disease risk. Unhygienic conditions on your roof can also attract other pests like mice and roaches where the infestation can spread from the rooftop to inside the house in no time. When birds build nests between your roof and the solar panels, it is not just the solar panels that get damaged, your roof too will bear the brunt of the damage caused by bird droppings, feathers and dead birds, because cleaning between the panels and roof is not as easy as getting rid of the birds or cleaning the top of the solar panels.

Deangelo Alvarez