Renewable Energy for Your Home

The green consumer is on the rise. From electronics, to fashion and even energy people are now starting to think of becoming more responsible for the world around us. Starting from the little things we have to make constant effort to change for the better.

Using renewable sources to power your home is one of the things you can do to ensure this. Most home owners tend to look into renewable source just to lower their utility bills but this should only be an additional benefit and the main focus should be to conserve our Earth for future generations.

Below are 6 types of renewable sources that can be used to power your homes.

Solar Energy

This is the most common type of renewable energy being used today in Australia. Solar energy can be used by setting up solar panels on your rooftop or your lawn. These panels use the photovoltaic effect to convert sunlight into electricity.

Using solar energy has multiple benefits including reduced utility costs, contributing to the planet and you could even make a profit by selling excess electricity to the grid. When it comes to solar Brisbane companies can come to your aid to help you install panels.

Geothermal Energy

This type of energy is a perfect fit if you live in an area where there is enough heat generated beneath your property. This heat can be used by geothermal systems to either cool or heat your house. Apart from that if there is adequate heat generate you can even power your appliances and lights.

While solar energy depends on sunlight, geothermal energy can keep you up and running no matter the season, but you need to find the right piece of, and you also need special permission to dig deep.

Biomass Energy

This type of renewable energy is generated using a generator and special compost heap. This is a unique system you can use for various purposes around the house or even as a community. This source kills two birds with one stone in the sense that while you are enjoying renewable energy you are also recycling your trash at the same time.

Hydroelectric Energy

For this type of energy, you should live close to a stream or water body that has a strong flow of water. Most power companies use this method to generate electricity anyway nowadays.

Hydrogen Cell Energy

This is another interesting way to power up your home. You can use tanks that can be refilled with hydrogen and these tanks can be used just like generators. You can use these to power your home continuously or only when there is a power outage.

Wind Energy

This is more of a community solution than an individual approach. Wind turbines are quite expensive but if you live in an area with strong winds you can opt for small wind turbines that can be set up in your garden.

These are some of the renewable sources that are on the rise. There are more sources like nuclear energy which is impractical at this level. Start from the small things and then take bigger steps to conserve our planet.

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