Key Features to Consider When Selecting a Race Seat for Your Vehicle

You need to have the right racing seat when you engage in car racing as this will ensure your safety and comfort. It will also allow you better control when it comes to high speed competitions. In this article, we will go through some of the useful features you can look for in a car racing seat.

The shell of the car race seat should have a good foundation

One of the materials chosen for this is gel-coated fibreglass because of its lightweight construction and durability. The gel coating is instrumental in increasing the resistance of the shell to impacts, heat and moisture. This is what makes it an ideal material for car race seats. Also, as the seat is lightweight, this will reduce the overall vehicle weight contributing to your performance.

You will also find race seats made from lightweight composite laminate. There are multiple layers in the laminate and some materials you can find here will be fibreglass, carbon fibre or Kevlar. This will add to the strength and rigidity of the seat and also reduce the weight of the seat. When you select a lightweight seat, you will be able to improve manoeuvrability of the vehicle and handling.

Safety harnesses will secure you when you are completing high speed manoeuvres

This will also be useful when it comes to potential accidents. You need to look for a race seat that comes with provision for a 5 or 6 point harness. A seat such as this will have integrated harness mounts and slots to accommodate these harness types allowing for secure attachment. For additional side impact protection, you will find race seats come with steel construction. You can look for a racing seat with steel reinforcements so that the risk of getting injured in a side impact situation is reduced.

Check whether the lateral bolsters or side headrests are reinforced for this purpose. This will protect your head and neck. To ensure a comfortable fit, some seats will come with a pre-formed shell that has an anatomic shell system. This will be moulded so that it aligns with your body to provide improved support. You will be able to remain seated securely as a result of this and this also allows you to maintain control of the vehicle when you are making high speed manoeuvres.

The seat belt slot that is fixed to the shell is an essential feature you should look for

This will allow you to install the seat belt or harness easily. This prevents any slack in the harness so that you will be protected in case of an accident. Comfort is an important factor considered when it comes to racing seats. Check the materials of the seat covering. One example of comfortable material for the covering is velour which helps regulate temperature so that excessive heat build-up is prevented.

You will be able to avoid discomfort during long races as a result of this covering. Safety and performance can be improved when there is a technical insert in the seat. This will cushion you and absorb the energy when you suddenly decelerate or experience an impact.

Deangelo Alvarez