How to Select Laminate Flooring for the Kitchen

The kitchen is an area that contains a lot of activity and subjected to a lot of wear and tear. You have to be careful in choosing the flooring type for the kitchen as you need to choose a product that s durable, versatile and affordable. In this article, we are considering the merits of laminate flooring for the kitchen.

There is a lot of foot traffic in the kitchen with a high chance of splashes and spills.

Therefore, you need to select laminate flooring that has water resistance and high durability. There are laminate floors that come with a high abrasion class rating. This indicates its ability to withstand wear and tear. You can also check whether the flooring is water resistant. Some floors come with an extra water resistant layer. The right thickness for flooring has to be selected. You will be able to enjoy better stability and durability from thicker laminate floorboards Queenscliff. You can choose floorboards that are within a 8mm-12mm range. These will be more resistant to impact and it will suit the activities of a busy kitchen better. As there is a lot of activity in the kitchen such as pets coming in, utensils being dropped or chairs or step stools being moved over the floor, it is important to prioritise scratch resistance in the laminate flooring. There are laminate floorboards that have a high quality wear layer that acts as a barrier against scuffs, scratches and dents. This will ensure the appearance of the kitchen floor.

Think about the ease of installation.

This should be considered especially if you are planning on DIY installation. Many laminate floorboards come with a click-and-lock mechanism so that you don’t need to use any adhesives to keep it in place. You can also hire a professional installer. Most of the time, the company supplying the flooring will also offer installation services and this will help you achieve a professional finish. You can also select laminate flooring that comes with an underlayment. This can reduce noise. As you are installing this flooring in the kitchen, you need to check whether there is low maintenance. There can be many spills that can occur so you need to know whether it is easy to clean these up.

The budget is another consideration.

Laminate flooring is more cost-effective compared to traditional flooring. But the price can vary depending on the style, thickness and the brand. You need to have a budget for your kitchen flooring project at the beginning so that you don’t go beyond it. But you should not be compromising quality for cost. If you select a cheaper and low quality flooring option, this can make your life harder as it will be harder to maintain it. Also it will affect the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. When choosing colours, think about the colours that are already used in this space and the interior décor of your house. Lighter colours will show dirt better and which can help with cleaning.

Deangelo Alvarez