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How to Choose a Solar Water Heating System

Solar water heating systems are a great way of heating your home water supply that actually saves you money in the long run. You need to consider whether you can invest in such a system with your current finances. The solar water heating system has gone through many technological advancements regarding its design and functionality.

The main reason that people choose solar hot water heaters is to reduce their monthly energy bill. If you use a traditional water heater, the energy consumed by this will account for at least 10% of the monthly energy bill. This can be a big amount when the amount adds up throughout the year. Solar power is an inexhaustible energy source and you can make a significant change to your energy bill with this investment. You need to look at your lifestyle, budget, climatic conditions of your region etc. when you are selecting a water heater. If you already have an electric heater, you can look into how you can upgrade it to a solar heater by looking at hot water service Warrnambool. If you are new to water heaters altogether, you need to consider the number of people in your family and the demand for hot water on a normal day. When there is a large number of people and frequent use of hot water, it is best to go for an active system.

Passive systems are recommended for families that have one or two people and have a smaller demand. The region you live in should be considered before you go for solar water heaters/ If you are in a sunny region, you can use a small system to generate the hot water. But in colder regions, you will need a bigger collector and an active system. In colder climates, there is a risk of freezing when it comes to system components. In such an instance, you need to look at a system that comes with a monitoring device that will let you know whenever there is a risk. You can find a large range of prices when it comes to solar water heaters. They are more affordable than PV arrays, however. You can check with the plumber of the supplier about what additional costs are involved in the installation of the solar heater.

You need to think about how green you are planning to go with a solar water heater. But this will require significant changes to your lifestyle. You can look for suppliers that provide solar heater models that don’t consume additional energy. There are passive heating systems that can be used. You can also look at the use of a solar powered pump for circulating the water. To ensure that you get the most out of the system, it is best to use most of the hot water in the afternoon. Passive solar heaters use thermodynamics principles where warm water will rise to the top while cold water sinks to the bottom promoting water circulation. Active systems are facilitated by a pump. 

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