Do a spring cleaning to your wardrobe

Spring has here because the days are longer, the weather is growing warmer, and the flowers are starting to bloom. But springtime also calls for spring cleaning. Make sure to arrange your closet as you begin your spring cleaning by thoroughly cleaning your refrigerator, removing the muck from your coffee machine, and refreshing your mattress.

The last thing any of us need is a messy closet that makes it difficult for us to locate that particular belt or work blazer fast amid the everyday turmoil of living and working full-time. The good news is that going from an unkempt closet to one that is organized only takes one day. And sometimes all we need is a little prodding or direction to begin going. Here are few ways to get going.

To start your closet cleanse, totally empty it and give it a thorough cleaning. Don’t forget to take items out of the drawers, containers, and shelves as well. This will require you to start over from scratch and offer you the chance to easily dust your shelves, vacuum the closet floors, and clean the baseboards. You can now choose each item you choose to preserve carefully and deliberately. Prepare your decluttering tools.

A marker, tape, and garbage bags are the next items you’ll need. The first bag should have a piece of tape on it, and the marker should be used to write “Trash”. Put a strip of tape on the second bag and mark it “Donate” on it. Consider collecting a third bag for stuff you can sell to a consignment shop if you have a lot of trendy or designer clothing.

Many of us have a dress or pair of jeans or other outfit that we always retain as our target outfit. Keeping something around that makes us feel self-conscious about our physical shape or size is not gratifying, even while encouraging yourself to lead a better lifestyle is. Instead of making us feel inferior to ourselves, clothing should empower us so throw them. You can always treat yourself to a shopping spree if you do attain that goal. Once you get into shape you can buy a set of best fitting country style clothes.

Put the garbage bag immediately away in your trash can. Drive the donation bag right away to your neighborhood drop-off location. No awaiting! Start working on the items that need cleaning or repairing last. Take them to the cleaners or tailor right after dropping off the donation bag if you don’t have time to fix them yourself. When should you go back to your closet now that you’ve cleaned it out? Depending on your cleaning practices and personal preferences, you should probably clean your house at least twice a year, ideally in the cooler fall and winter months and the warmer spring and summer months. And if you’re very disciplined, you can go through your wardrobe every season to donate or consign pieces that are now in style.

Deangelo Alvarez