8 Steps to Keep your Dishwasher Quiet

There is nothing worse than that dreadful churning noise coming out of your dishwasher. Not only is it highly irritating, it can sometimes feel gut-wrenching. Your dishwasher is especially susceptible to making odd screech-like noises the older it gets and if it is not already clear, it’s quite an unpleasant experience.

Imagine having guest over and the noise blasting through the dining room? Or even worse, you come back home after a very long day, tired and just want to head towards your bed and then you can hear the dishwasher making all sorts of weird noises in the night. Here are a few steps to avoid noise bursting out and keep your dishwasher quiet:

Step 01- Unplugging

Before heading into soundproofing your dishwasher, you have to ensure safety. The best way to ensure this is unplugging the machine from its power source and turning off the water source. Afterwards you can move the dishwasher to a location of your choice if you need to prior to proceeding on to the next step.

Step 02- No More Door Panel

Yes, you read that correctly, the next step involves removing the door panel. Just grab on to a good head screwdriver, remove all the screws around the edge of the machine with the screws inside the door and close the door in a careful manner. Once this is done all you have to do is proceed to removing the door.

Step 03- Measure

Once the door is removed it is time to start taking measurements. This is vital as it will let you know just how much soundproofing you will require. Leave out the panel and take measurements of the depth, length and width of your dishwasher.

Step 04- Installation

This is where you can install the soundproofing material into your dishwasher. For instance, sound blocking sheets are perfect for this. Contingent on the measurements, you may have to cut the sheet to make sure it fits well and has enough depth. Then attach the soundproofing material onto the front panel and place it back to where it originally came from.

Step 05- Cut-off Water Lines

Now it is time for some detachment from water lines, so you can move it and soundproof the back. Which is one of the most vital areas to cover if you want to keep it quiet.

Step 06- Attach

Now it is time to attach the soundproofing insulation material, most companies usually include this with every purchase. As time goes by this wrapping can fail in silencing the dishwasher. Remove it, put a new insulation sheet and push it back into the frame.

Step 07- Mats

Not just any mats, soundproofing mats. One of the major causes of noise is the dishwasher hitting the wall at the back while shaking away. To reduce the noise, you can add a soundproofing blanket or mat to the back wall, attach it to the back of the dishwasher and use some strong adhesive to ensure it stays in place.

Step 08- All Done

All you have left to do now is return the dishwasher back to its original place. Reconnect the water lines and ensure everything is in proper position before putting the power back on. If you simply cannot be bothered following these steps and going through this process, you can opt to spend a bit more cash and buy soundproof dishwashers. Additionally, you can look for professional Samsung dishwasher repairs for the most reasonable prices.

Have a peaceful mind and a noise-free home after following these steps to soundproof your dishwasher!

Deangelo Alvarez